Project Plan

The complete project plan is given below for reference.

Once you have joined the company you get the RED ID. In RED ID you cannot access the whole membership area or cannot get the percentage from selling. The simpler process you can follow that you have to buy a package of Rs.1000/- from any of the sellers. After you buy a package your ID is converted to RED automatically and you now can continue further.

You can refer your friends and relatives to join with the company. The referral is completely free and there is no charge for joining. Whenever the down line buys any product from any of our vendors he/she automatically gets green and you get your percentages from his/her buying. This goes up to 10th level. Thus you get around 69% percentage on volume of sell.

To refer a friend you can click here to go to your referal page.

The Percentage Table

Level Percentage Limitations
1st Level 10% No Limitation
2nd Level 5% No Limitation
3rd Level 4% No Limitation
4th Level 3% No Limitation
5th Level 2% No Limitation
6th Level 1% 11 Direct Joining
7th Level 2% 12 Direct Joining
8th Level 3% 13 Direct Joining
9th Level 4% 14 Direct Joining
10th Level 5% 15 Direct Joining
Total 39%
Own Purchase 30%
Gross 69%

Up to level 5 you don't have any limitation to withdraw your percentage. But after this level you need to cross some limitations as to the rules and regulations of the plan. As you must have 10 minimum direct to withdraw in 6th level. So as, 15 direct in 7th, 20 direct in 8th, 25 direct in 9th and 30 direct in 10th level.

Including this company is giving you a golden oppertunity where also you can earn maximum amount of cash to your account. And that is you may introduce some vendors for the company as to the category of the company. In this criteria you are going to get some extra income as to the follwoing table. Also the amount is depending on the sell volume of that vendor each day. The commission structure is also for 3 level.

Level Percentage
Direct Sponsers 0.5% of turnover
1st Upline 0.25% of turnover
2nd Upline 0.25% of turnover

To refer a vendor click here. To read about Terms and Conditions of the vendors click here.